foto of the members of STUPS pilot training

STUPS – Pilot Training

STUPS – Student Participation without Borders

“Learn how to raise your voice!” was the motto of this 5-days event at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH OÖ) at the Campus in Steyr.

Over 5 days, students were guided through various topics within the framework of student participation. Check out the agenda of this event.

This training initiative is part of the STUPS project, an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to motivate students to participate in university affairs and to provide them with information around participation.

As a student you have various opportunities to raise your voice and share your interest and concerns. The STUPS project invites you to think about ways to get involved in university affairs and supports you in becoming an active participant in your university.

Results of the pilot training

Student engagement and variety of skills

Lecturer: Katarzyna Kucharska, The Volunteer Centre of The University of Warsaw

Workshop material

Workshop results

Student participation in university governance

Lecturer: European Student Association (ESU) and FH OÖ

Workshop material

The defined role of the student * (c) ESU

Workshop results

Inclusion and diversity

Lecturer: Martina Gaisch, FH OÖ

Workshop material

HEAD for and DIVE into Diversity Management

Workshop results

Soft skills for effective participation

Lecturer: Raúl Moreno (University of Huelva)

Workshop material and results

Team, space and process: Design thinking as an innovative approach for

Lecturer: Victoria Rammer, FH OÖ

Workshop material

Design Thinking – A concept for future student participation

Workshop results

Many thanks to the participants of the STUPS pilot training!

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