About the project STUPS

The general objective of the project Student Participation Without Borders (STUPS) is to increase student participation and lay the foundations of a European network focusing on the development of new practices to promote student participation with the aim of finding genuine solutions to one of the most pressing challenges of higher education.

To complete this goal, specific objectives of the project seeks to increase and improve the knowledge, cooperation, training and awareness of student participation, which is an invaluable source of social innovation. This is key to establish efficient governance and a more inclusive higher education system.

For more information about the project, please visit our project website: stupsproject.eu

About the project team

The STUPS consortium consists of five members and is led by the University of Huelva (Spain).  We are a well-balanced and complementary team, which includes three higher education institutions, a public agency for evaluation and accreditation of university activities, and the most representative student organisation in Europe with members from 40 countries of the EHEA.