Instruments for valuable and constructive feedback

Unit 3

Welcome to unit 3 – Instruments for valuable and constructive feedback! In this unit you will gain insight into …

  • tools to support you in providing feedback in a constructive and valuable way.
  • best practices in feedback culture.

Learning goal of unit 3

  • You know different ways to provide feedback.
  • You can establish a feedback culture in your study programme and among your colleagues.

Student Voice Committee (SVC)

The Student Voice Committee (SVC) is a feedback format that helps students share their interests, ideas, and concerns with the teachers, the faculty, and the administration. They support their peers when they need help and foster collaborative spirit.

The format of a SVC varies from university to university, but there is a common goal: to communicate and pursue students’ interests.

But does this feedback system provide the information we need? Sometimes it is necessary to review existing feedback processes. Use the review questionnaire below to reflect on the effectiveness and use of your Student Voice Committee.

Source: IDM Toolbox

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