Students as agents for change

Unit 2

Welcome to unit 2 – Students as change agents! In this unit you will gain insight into …

  • the participatory methodology of design thinking.
  • the opportunities to get involved in quality and change processes as a student.
  • the methods of shaping innovation.

Learning goal

  • you have an insight into the concepts and methods of innovation management.
  • you know how to moderate and shape creative processes.
  • you know how to use the creative dynamics of group processes.

Design Thinking

A concept for future student participation

Use the creative and participatory methodology of design thinking to reflect on the future of student participation.

  • How to improve student participation?
  • How to encourage students to take part?
  • What opportunities for participation could there be in the future?
  • What do universities have to offer / change?

These questions build the framework of the design thinking workshop on student participation. Get involved in the exciting process of design thinking and learn how you can use this method to implement your ideas at your university.

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