Diversity Toolbox

Unit 2

Welcome to unit 2 – Diversity Toolbox! In this unit you will gain insight into …

  • different tools for managing inclusion and diversity that will guide you through the entire life cycle of your students.
  • the multiple options to live inclusion.
  • concepts and tools to raise awareness about student diversity and to prevent any kind of harassment.

Learning goal

  • You can put the HEAD Wheel concept from Unit 1 into practice.
  • You know how to give inclusive feedback.
  • You know how to use your role as engaged student to prevent any kind of harassment.

Inclusive Feedback

Participation without borders presupposes behaviour that is characterised by respectful interaction. Communication is the basis of participation and feedback, as an essential element of communication, is of great relevance, especially in the sense of open cooperation.

How can we make feedback inclusive? We will introduce you to tools for inclusive feedback!

Inclusive feedback process & checklist

Checklist for inclusive feedback.

Cultural feedback styles

Learn about the feedback behaviour in different countries.

Source: IDM Toolbox

Engagement – stand up for others!

In the course of your participatory engagement, you may be confronted with situations and also people who do not treat others with the necessary appreciation. We want to provide you with information and tools to help you raise awareness about diversity and prevent harassment.

Inclusion awareness campaign

Check out the inclusion awareness campaign from the student union Laureamko (Finland).

Harassment prevention system

… developed from the student union Laureamko (Finland)

Source: IDM Toolbox

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