Preconditions for inclusive participation

Unit 1

Welcome to unit 1 – Preconditions for inclusive participation! In this unit you will gain insight into …

  • the five dimensions of diversity
  • the HEAD Wheel (Higher Education Awareness for Diversity)
  • the DIVE strategy

Learning goal

  • You know how to bring in your demographic diversity.
  • You know how to bring in your cognitive diversity.
  • You know more about the importance of diversity in the context of student participation.
  • You learn how to avoid unconscious bias.

HEAD Wheel

HEAD for and DIVE into Diversity Management

Higher Education Awareness for Diversity consists of 5 diversity segments

  1. Demographic diversity
  2. Cognitive diversity
  3. Disciplinary diversity
  4. Functional diversity
  5. Institutional diversity

(c) Source: Gender & Diversity FH OÖ

DIVE strategy

Unconscious bias determines our actions and is often the reason why we do not approach people and situations with the necessary openness.

Learn how to address implicit biases by using the DIVE strategy. Through description, interpretation, examination, and evaluation, one’s own unconscious and implicit prejudices can be questioned and reduced.

(c) Source: Gender & Diversity FH OÖ

Raise awareness

In daily life we regularly have to deal with hidden prejudices. Regardless of the background of these prejudices (demographic, cognitive, etc.), they leave their mark on those affected. Therefore, it is necessary and important to raise awareness and develop strategies for a mindful interaction with each other.

The University of Graz has launched an awareness campaign that uses videos to show where unconscious prejudices arise and how we can address them.

(c) Source: University of Graz

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