Design a social campus

Unit 1

Welcome to unit 1 – Design a social campus! In this unit we share and collect ideas about …

  • the social life on campus.
  • creative initiatives that promote social cohesion.
  • projects that aim at developing a socially responsible atmosphere at the campus.

Learning goal

  • You know what it needs to become a “social campus”.
  • You are able to plan initiatives which promote social cohesion.

Networking measures and social initiatives

Boatmania @ FH OÖ, Campus Steyr

The BOATMANIA is a very special social event at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Steyr. Once a year students meet for an exciting challenge, the so-called “Boatmania”. Each Boatmania has a special motto. The aim is to design a fancy boat, including crazy outfits for the boatmen/-women that reflect the idea of the given motto.

The boat challenge is held on the Steyr, a river in the city center of Steyr. The participants present their creative designs to the visitors and students. Finally, a jury decides which boat is the most creative one.

It is not only a great social event, but also a good opportunity to work together on an idea and to take up the challenge. Just having fun and making social connections is the goal.

Onboarding and networking * FH-Inside Team

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Wels has a so called “FH Inside Team”. This is a group of students who give their colleagues an insight into the social life at their university as well as insider tips on studying. The following videos they give a first exciting insight …

Design your “social campus”

INSIDE-TEAM … isn’t it a perfect idea to get connected?

What do you think about it? Do you have best practices for developing social life at your university? Maybe a little thought experiment will help you to think a bit out-of-the-box …

IMAGINE you have unrestricted time, resources and space available, what would you do to connect with other students, exchange experiences and just have fun.

PLEASE share your creative ideas in the following whiteboard area.

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