Involvement strategies within quality processes

Unit 1

Welcome to unit 1 – Involvement strategies within quality processes. In this unit you have the chance to …

  • share your ideas on how you can constructively participate in quality measures at your university.
  • reflect on your role as a student in the development process of your university.
  • find creative ways to participate in quality and development measures, beyond the existing participation structures.

Learning goal

  • By sharing your ideas and opening up for discussion, you will dive deeper into the topic of quality assurance and development.
  • You learn to think outside the box and discuss new ways of co-designing quality measures and driving innovation.

Share your ideas …

Use the online whiteboard tool “Trello” to share your ideas with others. We have prepared a Trello board on the topic of involvement strategies within quality processes. Just click on the Trello board below to join the discussion.

We look forward to your contributions!

To use the Trello board, a free registration with Trello is required.

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