Outreach projects

Unit 2

Welcome to unit 2 – outreach projects. In this unit we …

  • take a look at existing outreach projects.
  • try to give you an idea of why your voice as a student is important.

Learning goal

  • You get an idea of how far the student voice can reach.
  • You think about your possibilities to represent the university and student concerns to the outside world.
  • You learn how to build networks and collaborate across HEI borders.

Outreach projects

“Make it visible!”

The outreach project “Make it visible!” from the Volunteer Centre of the University of Warsaw promotes the activities of the volunteer centre and aims to motivate students to join them. The project team formed by students develops strategies how to communicate and promote the activities of the Volunteer Centre. With a lot of creativity and motivation, the students created a video script and produced the video. More than 30 participated in this project.


The student magazine “DIE ZEITLOS” is an independent magazine designed through and published by students from Innsbruck. Students share their thoughts about the campus, the society, local and global issues etc.

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