My role as a student

Unit 3

Welcome to unit 3 – My role as a student! In this unit we asked you to

  • think about your role as a student.
  • develop new role models students adopt.

Learning goal

  • You get insight into the roles you can take on as a student.
  • You get conscious about your role as a student.
  • You use your creativity to think about new role models.

There are so many roles you can take on as a student. We asked student representatives …

What are your roles and tasks in the area of student participation? How and where do you get involved?

Student representatives University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

My role …

We have learned a lot about the different roles students can take. Now it’s time to think about your own role: Are you more than a learner? Are you an active member of the learning community? What cooperation formats are you interested in?

We ask you to help us learn more about the role of students and answer some questions …

Let’s talk about your role!

Please use the following protected link to answer some questions.

You have forgotten the password for the survey? Please contact the administrator of the Mooc!

(Re)design your role!

What role would you like to take on in the future? We are curious about your current and future role models.

Please use the following online whiteboard to share and discuss your ideas with others.

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