History of student participation

Unit 1

Welcome to Unit 1 – History of student participation! In this unit you will gain insight into …

  • the historical and political background of student participation.
  • the role of the student in the context of the Bologna Process

Learning goal of unit 1

  • Knowing about the political and historical background of student participation helps you to better understand the underlying concept.
  • Through diving into the Bologna Process, you learn how participation is implemented and lived in practice.

History of student participation

Student participation in the Bologna process

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Student Participation and the Bologna Process: How we can shape the future of higher education

By Matteo Vespa and Anastasia Kreis

Everyone who is involved in higher education, be it as a student or administrator, cannot escape the Bologna Process and all the advances and frustrations it brings. So let’s take a step back and see where it began. The Bologna Process started, not so obviously, in Paris, in 1998, when the Ministers of France, Germany, Italy and the UK signed a common declaration with the intent to create a common framework for Higher Education and invited other countries to join their endeavour. The official beginning of the process took place the following year in Bologna when 29 countries signed the Bologna Declaration.

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Bologna With Student Eyes 2020

Brussels, December 2020 by European Students’ Union (ESU)

Learn more about the students’ perspective on the implementation of the Bologna Process.

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Additional material and literature

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